April 13th International Day of the Kiss

Happy International Day of the Kiss (April 13th)

It may have begun from an electric stare from across the room, but you know that you have it for someone from their first kiss.

April 13th is celebrated as the International Day of the Kiss.  What a wonderful thing to celebrate!  When there is a connection between two people, a kiss can strengthen and confirm that connection.  But kisses can bring so many emotions.

The first is the desire to kiss someone.  Wow!  Look at them!  I just want to show them what they stir in me by kissing them.  This immediately gets the oxytocin flowing and everything seems brighter and newer.  And the not knowing if it’s going to happen triggers anxiety.

Then it’s the uneasiness of whether to kiss them or see if they will kiss you.  Do you have enough patience to see if they will?  Do they feel the same about you?  And if you dare to kiss them, will your kiss be powerful enough to convince them to take a chance on you????

Once that kiss is planted, are there fireworks or disappointed hopes?  If there are fireworks, then something has been created and this could be the start of a new life for you and said kiss partner! Just remember not all first kisses work out perfectly.  If you long to try again, do it!

There are also lots of different kind of kisses:

Greeting Kiss:  This is not used in all countries.  Many European countries and Mexico use a kiss on one or both the cheeks to greet a person by saying hello or goodbye.

See You Later Kiss:  A quick peck on the cheek or on the lips often for a spouse or significant other.  Can also be for sending your kids off to school.

The Passionate Kiss: This is often referred to as a “French” or “tongue” kiss.  This is to show a deep romantic feeling or passionate desire for someone.  The slower, the more romantic it is.

The Boo Boo Kiss:  This is often for kids but can be for anyone who gets hurt.  We all know that the kiss shows that we care and that makes the healing go faster.

boo boo kiss

Forehead or Third Eye Kiss:  This is a sweet kiss.  Whether it be for a child, a mate, a friend or your pet, a third eye kiss shows that you care.  It doesn’t pack the punch of a romantic kiss but is still warms the cockles of your heart.


Eskimo or Nose Kiss: This was originated by the Eskimos since they are always bundled up.  They rub noses back and forth to show affection.

Butterfly Kiss:  This is getting your eyes close enough to flutter your eyelashes with the recipient.  Little kids love this one!

Blowing Kiss:  This kiss is placed on your fingertips then pointed at and blown to the person who will receive it.  Often this is a short distance kiss from across the room.

blowing a kiss

Fish Kiss:  The list wouldn’t be complete without the Fish Kiss.  This is made by sucking in your cheeks to make “fish lips” (do fish really have lips?) and making the kissing motion with them.  Another favorite with kids.

fish kiss

However the kisses begin, you never know if they could end up with a destination wedding in the Riviera Maya.  And with that, you already know who can take care of your makeup and hair…..that’s right… Doranna!

I am sure there are plenty more kisses.  Do you know any we left off the list?  What are your favorite ones?  Write below in the comments to let us know!

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